Becoming a New York police officer isn’t a simple process. The department wants to make sure those who complete the application process are the very best New York (NY) has to offer.

A person who wishes to become a New York police officer must take, and pass, a written Civil Service exam administered by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS). After the exam, the DCAS gives the NYC Police Department a list of candidates who are eligible to apply to become police officers in NY.

The next step is the Applicant Processing Division that chooses the most qualified candidates for a career in the NYC Police Department. Investigators do a thorough check of a candidate’s background and qualifications.

To qualify, applicants need to be able to prove they have 60 credits of college education with, at least, a 2.0 GPA or have two years of service in the military. They must pass a medical exam as well as an assessment of their character. They will be fingerprinted and checked for felony or other convictions.

Applicants will also have to pass a written and oral psychological test. A physical test will show whether or not an applicant has the physical stamina for the job.

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