The terrorist attacks of 2001 have left many Americans with feelings of anger, and stress. While everyday life can be stressful enough, the loss of a loved one or someone who was very close to you can be devastating, and many people need counseling to deal with the many emotions that they feel after such devastating events. This is what the New York Police Department has provided for it’s city since those terrifying attacks.

The NYPD Early Intervention Unit has been used extensively as an outlet for people that have suffered through the traumatizing events of 9/11. The group provides telephone assistance and support 24 hours a day seven days a week. They also provide citizens with the resource of counselors who talk with them on a one on one basis to offer practical therapy for the problems that they suffer from. Many times, people just want to be heard out and listened to, in a neutral setting that is comfortable for them. When they receive a listening ear to let them blow off steam then they often are very relieved. The counselors provide you with a vent as well as trained professional advice for the more intricate feelings people have.

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