Great Cop Films

Living in New York gives you a sense of healthy respect for personal safety. You’ve got to be aware of things like home security systems and subway times to avoid and you’re certainly used to seeing the men in blue around. We’ve taken some time to check out the best NYPD feature films out there to help you remember who’s protecting you in the Big Apple.
The Godfather – The classic isn’t primarily about the NYPD but they sure play a big role. The cop versus mafia angle has been frequently used in American film but nowhere more poignantly than the first Godfather trilogy.
The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3: Speaking of subways, here’s a great film that’s been remade in the last few years that shows the delicate relationship between ex-cops and the city. It’s a psychological thriller than packs quite the punch.
The Cop: If you’re into late 20s film, this is your flick. You may have a hard time finding it but this police movie the first of its kind and everything looks better I black and white anyway, right?

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