An enormous amount of history surrounds The New York State Police (N.Y.P.D.), starting with the consolidation of several main areas, such as the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Richmond, into what is now the Greater City of New York. This occurred on New Years’ in the year 1898. This led to the creation of the New York State Police, from 18 separate departments, such as the New York City Police Department.

The New York City Police Department was created in 1844 by Peter Cooper. It had been previously a collection of constables and night watchmen under the night watch system. This was abolished with the establishment of the new police department.

There were different reasons for the creation of the N.Y.P.D, uniting its separate elements, but practically ever since its creation, there have been rumors of racial bias and intolerance. This prejudice has been rumored to be against, not only African Americans, but those of Latin descent, as well. There was a case in 2005, in which the Latino Officers Association received a 17.3 million settlement. The case portrayed an atmosphere of pervasive bias and prejudice, which still exists today.

The department grew out of the consolidation of some of New York’s main areas, into the Greater City of New York. This consolidation led to a need to consolidate all of the other 18 separate police departments. However, problems were created that led to an ultimate atmosphere of discrimination.

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