In a drastic move to upgrade the surge in underage crime rates and gang resurgence, the New York Police Department has enacted a specialized “social media” task force to monitor various websites for references to illegal activities, within the city. Over the past few years, social media sites have been scrutinized for the growing amounts of raucous messages, which create the potential for escalating violence in the real world. Several cases of assault, robbery and murder have stemmed from vulgar, disillusioned arguments on the social platforms. All of which proved to be dependent on social platforms to support their escalation.

The advent of this new wave of technological crime fighting is sure to cause a rapid onslaught of similar programs, throughout the nation. With the influx of advances which seem to intensify in the age of the internet, society is destined to see further increases in this sort of criminal endeavor. As crime and criminals adapt, so to much law enforcement, in order to stay the course, ensuring the safety of the general population. It is only by combating social media crime in a face-to-face showdown, figuratively speaking, that such a drastic reduction in the New York, and nation’s, crime rates are to be realized.

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