The New York Police Department is a group of 34,500 men and women who help serve the state of New York. Social Media networks such as facebook and twitter have recently been on an incline when keeping in touch with long lost friends/classmates, however, the New York Police Department is recently trying to use it to their advantage.
On facebook and/or twitter, some people post information or opinions that they sometimes should not share with the whole social media networks. For example, people can post threats, or even share how they have accomplished a latest crime. This is where the New York Police Department is setting in.
NYPD now refers to Facebook to find out information on law-breaking crimes to help avoid violence. While some may think that this can invade ones privacy, others believe that if it helps avoids the risk of violence then they are all for it.
On the other hand, this can also put the policeman in a rough situation. When seeing posts on social media networks about parties, the policeman’s initial reaction is not to get these people in trouble. The New York Policemen are there to reassure their safety. The city of New York is very eager to keep a safe environment for all residents and visitors, and this is something that can easily help their duties and the people.If you like what you see, keep going: New York police launch Facebook perp watch unit

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