The New York City Police Department Museum is filled with exhibits on the history of the department, which is the biggest and most famous of its kind anywhere in the world. It was incorporated in 1998, but the building, which was originally the headquarters for the First Precinct, is much older” this year it celebrates the centennial of its completion. The foundation on which it was constructed was that of an even older building (1884) that served the same purpose.

Permanent collections of the museum include historic police uniforms; ledgers outlining such momentous events as the draft riots that took place during the Civil War; and methods of transportation such as motorcycles. Currently, there is also a junior officers discovery zone where children get hands- on experience driving and cleaning police cars; remembering the different parts of a street scene; listening to radio calls with police codes; and sitting behind a sergeant’s desk. And there is an exhibition on the role of the department in 9/11.

The museum has a giftshop where visitors can buy CSI T- shirts, books like “Above Hallowed Ground”, and a cute doll of Cookie Monster in uniform!

Incidentally, the museum is now open on Sundays.

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